The Exciting Future Possibilities of Home and Living

The world is filled with possibilities. We cannot be sure of the future but still can predict our future living conditions. With recent developments in science and technology residing in space on another planet might be possible, which we people couldn’t have guessed in the past. Many such things such as wireless connections, air-travel, satellite navigation which are a reality for us were just future speculations for people from the past. The future seems bright in terms of advancing technology. Most of the technology revolves around clean, renewable and use of solar energy which is the need of the hour.

Future technological advancements are predicted in the field of home and living which has by far remained the same for years. But this may change soon. Homes, furniture, furnishing and décor will be modified to suit modern needs. They are designed to combat issues related to optimal use of space, cost, energy efficient, ease of use and adaptability. Going by some of the inventions by researchers and scientists around the world, the future is set to change the definition of home and living as we know of them.

A. Futuristic Homes:

1. Our perception of homes as stationery, heavy, energy consuming structures is set to change.

2. Prototypes are created for structures to be made with light weight material such as steel, aluminium etc.

3. Environment friendly homes: Homes that will be small, compact, survive in harsh remote areas, self-sufficient, run on renewable sources of energy etc. They can be called as pods.

4. One with nature homes:With increasing concrete jungles of cities, an increasing number of people are finding solace in nature. See through or glass like panelled houses can be a reality of future. The house will be constructed with glass panels that can turn opaque with touch of a button to maintain privacy.

5. Personalized: Customisable homes that can be attached or detached from extra units to create or reduce space.

6. Homes that can fly, folded, be in water, completely made up of bio-degradable products could be a reality of distant future.

B. Futuristic Furniture:

1. Compact Kitchens:Kitchen units may be redesigned in a compact piece of furnishing which might consist of touch screen panels, integrated computer, automatic cleaning, scent diffuser, nutrition table displayer, LED lights, sound activators, inbuilt timers and multimedia entertainment systems.

2. Dream sleeping units:Sleeping could be made more relaxed and fulfilling experience by creating sleeping pods or cocoons that have inbuilt provision for soothing music, sleep inducing lights, water beds etc.

3. Shape shifting furniture:Compact, foldable or expandable pieces of furniture that can expand when required and after using could be compressed back to compact size to manage space. For example: dining tables, beds, sitting arrangements etc.

4. Gravity defying furniture:They can be created using magnetic forces to hold objects in place. This will be a visual delight and would bring a piece of magic to your own living room.

5. Eco-friendly furniture:Energy conservation and less harm to ecology would be number one priority of future furniture considering the depleting resources.

6. Keeping this in mind, ecological furniture will have features of growing plants, improving the quality of air and reducing your carbon footprint etc.

7. Shape shifting furniture to fit any corner of your home.

8. Water management systems that can renew water at home through showers and taps.

9. Invisible furniture using light and technology will bring wizardry right out of the books to real world.

10. Customizable furniture to provide new look and feel every timeyour wat to change.

Functions that are expected to be performed by future home and living inventions:

1. Homes that can recycle waste quickly and use them for various beneficial purposes.

2. Nullifying the need for sewer system or garbage disposal.

3. Avoid water wastage.

4. Automated furniture that clean themselves.

5. Machines that perform cleaning, washing, drying, ironing and folding functions for clothes.

6. Automatic hygiene maintenance, through self-cleaning.

7. Control temperature settings in your home.

8. Motion sensor electronic devices.

9. Interactive tabletops.

10. Biometric incorporation.

11. Robotic cooking and managing groceries.

12. Reduced use of storage shelves due to digitization of essential things such as books, music and movie cds.

13. Technological advanced furniture which can optimize energy consumption and perform multiple functions.

14. Easy to fold or flatten for simple storage.

15. Voice command recognition for doing chores.

16. Contract or expandable windows.

17. Robotic functions performed by furniture to automatically adjust to space settings.

18. Enhanced and unbreakable security to save from intruders.

19. Natural calamity resistant such as earthquake, floods etc.

Problems that can be solved through Futuristic Homes:

1. Property value inflation can be reduced. And the dream of shelter for all can be realised.

2.The damage done by our race to the nature can be reduced if not reverse.

3. Pollution levels can drastically decrease with increased use of renewable and cleaner source of energy.

4. Cities won’t face the problem of overcrowding with possibility of mobile and compact homes.

5. The conflict of rental prices and mortgage rates will diminish for once.

6. Will help us to reduce our carbon footprint and save our planet.

7. High productivity can be achieved by using smart furniture.

8. Projects a more efficient way of doing things.

9. Assured cost efficiency.

10. Reduce diseases with cleaner surroundings.

11. Extend longevity with healthier habits.

12. Encourage healthy way of living.

To summarise it all, the future of home and living (more info: white extending dining table) offers tremendous possibility of improvement and a huge difference in standard of living. Our future inventions offer us help to solve or reduce our existing problems. They also bear a promise working towards betterment of our environment and taking care of our depleting natural resources. Future technologies are also trying to create new ways to co-habit with other equally important living species of the world, without destructing their natural habitat. All these makes one to positively look forward to the future.